Services offered by Learning to LiveĀ®

Counselling and Psychotherapy

    • Individuals 18+ years of age
    • Retired individuals and seniors
    • Couples therapy
    • Client-centered and humanistic therapy
    • Mindfulness-based cognitive-behaviour therapy
    • Brief psychodynamic therapy
    • Solution-focused therapy
    • Emotion-focused therapy
    • Existential therapy

Areas of Specialization

    • Depression and mood
    • Anxiety, fears, worry and panic
    • Stress management
    • Post-traumatic stress
    • Loss and grief
    • Trauma and abuse
    • Self-identity
    • Relationships
    • Self-esteem and assertiveness
    • Women’s health and well-being
    • Midlife transitions
    • Wellness and mental health for men
    • Career planning
    • Life after retirement
    • Coping with divorce and separation

Life Management and Coaching

    • Managing time, responsibilities and life roles
    • Learning to live a more satisfying life
    • Developing organizational skills
    • Improving concentration and attention
    • Learning to say “No” and pleasing others
    • Managing self-care and caregiving
    • Making time for fun, play and work

Workplace Issues

    • Dealing with change and stress in the workplace
    • Learning respectful and assertive workplace communication
    • Working well with co-workers
    • Meeting deadlines without burning out
    • Burnout prevention
    • Managing teams and being an effective supervisor